Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Preview KANDIE's BMA audition

Your chance to preview gorgeous KANDIE LUV in her audition to become an instructor at the British Masturbation Academy.

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Screen shots from KANDIE's BMA audition

KANDIE checks through the script, then begins her audition to become an instructor
at The British Masturbation Academy

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UK actress KANDIE LUV auditions for the BMA

Sometimes being the boss of the BMA is the best job in the world. KANDIE LUV is a well known British actress with a very classy accent. You’ve asked her to wear a sexy outfit for an audition and she thinks it’s for a real movie. She really wants the job. “In fact I’ll do just about anything to get it,” she says, looking great in a loose fitting top, short skirt, white stockings and heels. Glancing through her script, she notices that the part is for a ‘college instructor at the BMA’ and the dialogue is pretty explicit. She is shocked to learn she’ll be playing a masturbation instructor. “You want me to encourage guys to wank, drooling over my body and shooting their spunk everywhere?” she says, giving the JO handsign. Kandie never realised that lots of guys like to be instructed on how to masturbate but decides to have a go. “Why don’t I imagine it’s you I’m attempting to turn on?” she asks as she picks up the script and begins her audition.  Kandie smiles, gives the JO handsign and says, “I'm really glad you picked me as your masturbation instructor.You made a good choice, I'm an expert at helping guys jerk off. The more spunk I can help you shoot, the happier I'll be”. She begins to undress, showing her fantastic all natural boobs with gorgeous nipples, her luscious long legs and peachy British ass. As she’s reading she glances across and notices a bulge in your pants. She’s determined to get the part and asks if there’s anything she could do to make sure. She smiles, gives the JO handsign and says, “I’m sure I can be a very good masturbation instructor so if you could guarantee I’ll get the job, I could show you my pussy and let you jerk off.” Kandie understands that as the BMA boss, you like to pretend you’re much too professional for anything like that. “But you’re only human too. I bet you jerk off as much as any of your customers,” she says with a knowing smile. She takes off her panties and bends over to spread her ass wide, giving the JO handsign. Then she sits, opens her legs and spreads her juicy pink pussy, just for you. She smiles and says, “Come on you wanker, I want this job. Enjoy my pussy and shoot your spunk all over yourself.” Of course Kandie gets the part so look out for more clips from a girl who’s a natural at masturbation encouragement. Better still, she’s available for your very own custom clips and invites you to send your wildest ideas to her private email, shown on the clip.
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